5 Ways Sign Makers In London Can Increase Your Sales

5 Ways Sign Makers In London Can Increase Your Sales

Owning a company means you’re constantly thinking about how to acquire more business. That means getting the word out about your business.

The more consumers who know about you, the more money you’ll make.

Online marketing is definitely a key element.

But for those brick-and-mortar businesses, there are still a few ways to grab the attention of potential customers the old-fashioned way. Signs are one way to do just that.

If you’re still not convinced, we’re sharing with you five reasons why sign makers in London can increase your sales.

1. You Need to Build Your Brand

Imagine you’re driving from London to Liverpool. On the way, you realize you’re running out of petrol.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, you’re going to start searching for signs of petrol. Perhaps the iconic yellow and green symbol of BP or the yellow seashell telling you a Shell station is nearby.

These two petrol companies are using branding to help build recognition for their company. At the same time, they’re creating loyal followers.

Even small companies can benefit from branding. Sign makers in London can help your company create and design a sign that potential customers can identify with.

To help them out, ask yourself and your employees what your company stands for. Identifying core values will help a sign company create a memorable brand your company can use for years to come.

2. It’s a Cost-Saving Investment

Yes, sign makers in London aren’t going to be cheap. But they will be worth it.

Having a sign made is an investment. Your company isn’t going to use it for a one-time event.

It’s not holiday specific.

It’s a sign that will be there for years to come. If it’s a great sign, it won’t need to be changed. A great sign is really a one-time cost.

That can’t and doesn’t happen with online marketing. Google changes its algorithms 500-600 times per year.

A sign is something that’s stagnant. If you place a sign right where traffic jams happen often, you have a captive audience.

Unlike print marketing materials, you don’t have to create multiple copies of the same sign. A few or even one very well placed sign can go a long way.

3. People Can Find Your Business

Sometimes you just need to let your customers know where to find you. Sign makers in London can help you create a sign that can be seen.

Perhaps chrome will make your sign stand out from a crowd. Or lighting is used to help your sign light up at night.

A great looking sign will always act as a silent spokesperson for your business. It’s always there, greeting your customers and making them feel welcome even before they’ve stepped through your doors.

Signs are also highly useful because they are always there. No matter what time of day, your sign will be there — in rain, snow, sleet, and especially on sunny days.

It’s a great tool to use in areas of high traffic. Whether they drive past or walk past your sign, eventually they will take notice of it.

Not only will people be able to find your business, seeing your sign often will help build up a trust between your company and a consumer.

4. Sign Makers in London Help You Build a Standing Advertisement

When you advertise online, you’ll be seen only by the people searching for your type of product. Or by the people who have already researched your product.

There are plenty of ways to be completely invisible online. And if you are visible online, you are paying for it. You’re paying for it with effort and with your hard-earned dollars.

Online marketing is constantly changing and you must constantly produce new content in order to be found.

None of this is true for signs. The right sign makers in London will help you create a sign that is a standing advertisement.

They also can’t be thrown away like a flyer or brochure. You can’t turn off a sign like you can a computer.

As long as someone is near your sign, they will see it — today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

You don’t have to come up with new content. There is no pay-per-click with signs.

Even if your sign is surrounded by countless other signs, as long as your sign is created by sign makers in London who know how to make your sign memorable, yours will be seen.

5. It’s a Flexible Way to Market Your Company

There’s also a flexibility that doesn’t come with other forms of marketing or advertising.

Sign makers in London can tell you that as long as you can figure out where your customers tend to spend time, you can put a sign-up.

Say you are an organic, locally sourced restaurant. A well-placed sign near the local farmers market would attract a lot of business.

Or you own a hotel just outside of London. A sign along the highway is sure to bring in weary and grateful travelers.

Perhaps you own a nightclub. A sign outside of a popular restaurant would work perfectly as people would be looking for the next fun thing to do that evening.

Also, 41% of all searches done on smartphones is done out of the home. Placing a sign in a popular Tube station is a surefire way to grab the attention of a traveler who might just end up buying whatever it is you’re selling.

Work With the Best

You’ll see our work all over London. From Soho to Mayfair, our work stands out.

We provide free site surveys and quotes. But don’t take our word for it, let our work speak for itself. We produce signs that will last for years.

Our signs will help you continue to attract new customers. Our signs are both a work of art and an advertisement.

So if you’re in the market for creating a sign that will make your company stand out from the rest, it’s time to take a look at our services.

See you soon!