10 Tips for Designing Custom Signs for Your Business

10 Tips for Designing Custom Signs for Your Business

Have you ever been drawn to a business because of their sign?

The truth is, you probably have, even if you haven’t realized it. It’s all a part of great branding. A pleasant and powerful brand will get you more customers and can even attract better prospective employees.

So if you’re designing a sign for your new business or you feel that it’s time to switch things up for your established business, don’t go in blind! You’ll need some sweet tips to ensure that you’re creating the best sign possible.

Keep reading to learn all about ten awesome tips for designing custom signs for your business. Let’s get started!

1. Don’t Be Scared to Get Bold

Think about it. When someone walks or drives by your business, they only have a few seconds to soak it all in. So make an impression!

Bright colours can really stick in a person’s mind. Just make sure that the colours you select are complimentary.

Try choosing a light coloured background with a dark font, or the other way around. The depth which this creates will make your text easy to read for passers-by.

2. Integrating Color Isn’t Unprofessional

Speaking of colour, remember that these options aren’t just for hair salons or nurseries. Even if your company means serious business, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be black and white.

And while a bright pink sign may not be the best professional choice for your family’s law firm, there are many more options out there. Dark greens, reds, and blues are a great way to make your sign pop while holding onto your brand’s edge.

3. Custom Signs Should Be Clear and Concise

It’s a well-known fact in the advertisement industry that a person only has around six seconds to read a billboard. Common sense tells us it’s the same deal for any simple signage. So what does this mean for you?

Don’t try to cram too much information about your company onto its sign! The main sign for your company should be the place where people soak up your name and brand- that’s it.

Trying to stuff in your history, hours, prices, services, and employees of the month will only distract your audience and confuse them. But don’t worry- you can always create other signage to advertise more info!

4. Focus on Tone Through Font

Is your company a serious tax preparation service? Or a fun-loving kid’s toy store?

The best way to convey the tone of your company is through the font on its custom signs. Broadly speaking, you can put sign fonts into two categories: formal and friendly.

Friendly signs should give off a casual and warm vibe. Formal custom signs should be more traditional and serious in nature.

These tones can be achieved through colour, font, and shape. For example, simple, bold lettering in white on a green background may be appropriate for a real estate company, while a mix of fonts in a mix of colours may be better suited for a pizza joint.

5. Create a Strong and Compelling Message

What are you trying to achieve with your sign beside showing your clients where your business is? Let’s be honest- you’re trying to increase your sales!

And in order to do this, you need to make sure that your sign is conveying a strong message. So before you dive into your design, have a meeting with your team.

Talk about what you want to deliver to customers. Brainstorm the most important aspects of your company which you want to communicate.

Getting this info together will help to keep you on track throughout your design.

6. Material Matters

This is an easy one to forget. What material is best for your sign’s purposes?

Is this your business’ main sign that will be displayed forevermore? Then make sure it’s made of a long-lasting material.

Is it temporary signage to advertise a sale? Try out a material that is easy to remove, like a window decal.

7. Think About the View

Here’s another easy-to-forget detail! Make sure that during the design process, you consider where exactly your sign will be placed and how easy it’ll be to see.

Make sure that no surrounding buildings, or even shrubs and trees, will get in the way. And if your building itself is hard to see? Try an eye-level sign to attract more foot traffic.

8. Creative Doesn’t Mean Messy

We’ve all seen those custom signs before. A company tries to get super creative with their signage, but all the world sees is a mess.

Whether it’s that they’ve put the words into some sort of crazy shape, or that they’ve gone so wild with the font that it’s unreadable, this is never a good idea. And the line between creative and messy should be a clear one.

All you need to do is take some steps back and introduce some new eyes. Ask friends or coworkers to take a look. If you have any sliver of a doubt that your sign is one hundred percent clear, go for a new angle.

9. Look into Local Regulations

Check in on your city’s building codes, permits, and regulations before making final decisions about your custom signs. You could run into serious issues at the last minute if you don’t!

10. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Why leave prospective customers in the dark? Make sure that, if applicable, you install some nice lights under or above your sign to keep it visible both day and night.

While all the other businesses have gone to sleep, yours will still be shining brightly for those late night passers-by to see!

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Tips!

Use the tips above, and you’re sure to have an impressive sign that will create the perfect branding for your business. Just remember to keep it simple, professional, and bold. Oh- and don’t forget about the lighting and local regulations, too!

The next time you’re out and about, take a look at all the signs around you and you’ll see what we mean. The bad ones will really stand out!

Need any help or advice along the way? No problem! Just contact us and we’d be more than happy to give assistance.