7 Reasons Vehicle Graphics Are Great For Your Business

7 Reasons Vehicle Graphics Are Great For Your Business

You work hard to promote your business, and that’s notable. But maybe you’re working a little too hard? Why not let your vehicle work for you too with the help of vehicle graphics.

Research shows that vehicle graphics provide the lowest per-impression cost compared with other types of advertising.

So, if you’re not taking advantage of vehicle graphics, you’re losing out on potential customers in your local area. And you’re losing money.

And you didn’t get into business to lose.

Here’s a rundown of seven reasons why vehicle graphics are great for your business.

Let’s dig in!

1. They Attract Attention

One of the most obvious reasons to spring for vehicle graphics is the fact that these bright and attractive graphics make you stand out.

The eyes of potential customers will naturally be drawn to your graphics. And that’s key because without visibility, no advertisement can succeed.

Plus, what’s so wonderful about graphics is that they can appeal to people of all demographics.

In today’s world, consumers are relying more than ever before on recommendations and testimonials from their fellow customers. Fortunately, your graphics can essentially provide an effective recommendation, too.

How so?

If somebody needs your company’s service and sees your wrapped motor vehicle outside of his or her business or home, your vehicle wrap is basically recommending your company to that potential customer.

And that’s without you even having to utter a word.

Your wrapped vehicle’s strong brand identity will stick with those who see it. And that means more business opportunities for you in the days and years ahead.

2. They’re Not Aggressive

Consumers quickly get annoyed with print, radio and TV ads.


Because they’re disturbing. Kind of like a pesky ghost that won’t stop haunting you.

The good thing about a vehicle wrap is that it’s passive rather than being in your face.

In other words, it doesn’t interrupt a potential customer’s reading, listening to music or watching a TV show. Your possible customer can easily see your company’s message without being significantly distracted from what he or she is doing.

As a result, you may enjoy a better customer response.

3. They Are Affordable

This is probably one of the biggest reasons the use of the vehicle wrap has skyrocketed in popularity during the past few years.

Ads in your phonebook’s Yellow Pages and billboards have repeat costs, but you can alter your vehicle graphic whenever you wish and pay a lot less.

In fact, your initial investment in your vehicle wrap will be much less than that required for another type of long-term ad campaign. This has made it possible for more small businesses to get into the local advertisement game.

In essence, vehicle graphics have helped to level big and small businesses’ playing field.

Even bigger businesses with larger budgets may still prefer automobile graphics over billboards because graphics give them more bang for their buck. Plus, they can enjoy more creativity and design opportunities with auto wraps.

A common sales and marketing plan that small businesses use today involves using Google AdWords. Although AdWords can certainly be effective, you may need a couple grand each month to make the most of it for your company.

Even then, there’s still no guarantee you’ll get the return you want.

So, clearly, you will likely enjoy more impressions with vehicle graphics compared with traditional kinds of advertising.

The best part is that your vehicle is marketing your company for you 24-7, so you don’t have to pay for a sales rep to do this job only eight hours a day.

Less staff = more money in your coffers and a stronger bottom line.


4. They Offer Protection

A sometimes overlooked benefit of a vehicle wrap is that it protects the body of your automobile from dents and scratches caused by road debris.

You can also have an old wrap removed without worrying about ruining the paint on your vehicle.

In the end, a wrap will keep your automobile in far better condition long term, which will come in handy when it’s time to sell your vehicle or trade it in.

5. They Allow You to Reach More People

Want to reach the largest number of people possible through advertising?

You can’t go wrong with a vehicle wrap.

With a wrap, you may achieve tens of thousands of impressions in a single day.

Yes. In one day.

That translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

You may even find yourself drawing more customers with your wraps than you do with your business website.

6. They Are Mobile

Another perk of using a vehicle wrap?

It’s on the go — kind of like you.

No more waiting around for customers to find your physical storefront or even the digital version of your storefront, your website.

And no more waiting for them to come across your newspaper ad, radio ad or TV commercial.

With a vehicle wrap, you can go where your customers are. In other words, you regain control of who sees your message and when they see it.

Doesn’t it feel good to be back in the driver’s seat of your advertising efforts?

Plus, whether you have a large vehicle or a smaller one, it can be wrapped with ease.

7. They Are Great for the Local Business

If you are trying to reach out to your local-area market, you can’t pass up the power of vehicle graphics.

The potential customers who will lock eyes with your wrap are the ones whom you want to see it.

After all, people naturally enjoy dealing with local businesses. So the more you ramp up your local marketing efforts with a car graphic, the better the results you may experience in your bottom line.

And that’s a wrap.

How We Can Help with Vehicle Graphics

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Contact us to find out more about how you can jump on the vehicle graphic bandwagon and see your business sales soar in the new year.