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If you want to lit up your sign - there are few options here. It can be LED, tube or neon illuminated. They can also be internally or externally illuminated. Neon signs in London have recently reborn.

  • illuminated signs london
  • alu tray with trough lights
  • halo chrome letters
  • halo effect sign
  • led illuminated letters
  • light box
  • spot light sign
  • wooden fret cut illuminated sign
Illuminated signs London aluminium tray sign with trough lighting led halo effect chrome letters halo effect shop sign led internally illuminated letters restaurant light box spot lights signwooden fret cut light box ith tube lights

Internal lights:

Tube lighting is the cheapest option but it has to be changed quite often comparing to the other two.

Neon signs were popular few years back and are now being replaced by LED lights because of law limitations.

LED lights last years and are very cheap to maintain. They are very small, so can be placed inside light boxes or built up letters creating very interesting effects - e.g. halo effect on letters.

External lights:

Spot lights - installed usually at the top of the sign (but can also be at the bottom or sides)

Trough lighting - as a one long strip above the sign with either tubes or LED's inside

To find out more - please inquire on: 020 7060 7404.


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