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Window films are commonly used in all offices around London.
They are usually applied from the inside of the windows to
produce desired effect. We have very wide choice of window films:

1. Heat Reduction window film (reduces up to 60% of heat)
2. Solar window film (with a mirror effect on the outside)
3. Tinted window film (dark, medium and light)
4. UV protection film
5. Frosted film (frost, etched, dusted effects)

6. Safety window film (clear - non breakable)


  • solar film
  • heat reduction film application
  • heat reduction film
  • solar control film installation
  • tinted film
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It really depends on what effect You would like to achieve.
Process of the film application is always the same - You just need to clean the windows off all the dust and dirt, spray water with washing up liquid on both - window and the adhesive side of the film and apply the film on the window. You will have to squeegee excess of the water from behind the film - starting from the middle going out.

If You need any advice - please contact us asap on the number below.

More information on: 020 7060 7404.


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